Chang Yu identity

* Chang Yu is to "promote prosperity, resounded Universal" ambition, innovative and realistic spirit of enterprise, innovation and excellence means, for all mankind to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly, high-quality lighting products wolf team
* Chang-woo customers and perceived value of the platform
* Chang Yu is the cornerstone of growth Dreamer

Strategic objectives

In the eyes of the international competition to formulate development strategies, strengthen learning enterprise culture; innovative ways to integrate effective resource, with 5 to 10 years, finished in the global LED lighting has become the industry leader.
2001~2006: Quick change
2007~2010:steady expansion stage
2011~2014: Continuing operations phase

Corporate purposes

Users: Professional integrity  Exquisite innovation  
Customers:Win cooperation   Common growth
Shareholders:Highly responsible   Long-term returns
Staff:Learning culture  Self-achievement
Society:Focus on environmental  Contribute to people

Core concept

The market is always changing, honesty is always the same.
Chang Yu responsibility to the cause, not to Chang Yu-interest for himself.

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